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The ‘Loud Thunder Cultural Trail’ and Jimboomba State School would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land. This trail is built on Yugumbir land. Within this land are two traditional groups, Mununjali (Beaudesert) and Gugingin (Northern people- Jimboomba). Jimboomba is a traditional name, meaning – ‘Loud thunder (place where the sound ends), little rain’. 

My respects go out to all of the unique and diverse nations of indigenous Australians. I trust that this trail respectfully highlights the importance of many sacred sites and traditions. It is extremely important that more people recognise the importance of sacred sites as more than a tourist attraction, but as a valuable piece of indigenous religion and tradition. This trail has been made to promote the education of people, to travel, to look, listen, learn and respect these amazing sites.

Artificial rockwork –    John Butler

Artificial fossils –          Gregg Dreise

Cave paintings –            Uncle Reg Knox, Mayra Yarraga, Davina Kelly,
                                     Gregg Dreise.

Path construction –      KDR, Bob Hall, Parents of our indigenous                                       students, Clive Shield (Principal).

Artefacts -                    Gregg Dreise, Joe Skeen and other Aboriginal                                       and Torres Strait Islander elders and                                       communities throughout our unique and                                       diverse country.

Plants –                          Beaudesert Shire Council

Website –                       Robyn Hills

Assistance, guidance 
& finances –                   Jimboomba State School ASSPA                                       Committee, Jimboomba State School P&C,                                       Education Queensland, Dare
 To Lead Program.

Thank you, Clive Shield (Principal), Tony Vink (Deputy Principal) and Marianna Browne (Deputy Principal) for your belief and support.

Gregg Dreise
(Classroom, Culture Teacher
and Kamilaroi Murri).